Keeping Your Kids Engaged For Hours Without Screens Doesn't Have To Be Complicated, Expensive Or Frustrating

Playdough Sensory Kits for happy campers (and an even happier camp director)! 


I am the mom to three and for the last 8 summers I have run “Mommy Camp” at my home. I have developed a process that not only works but my kids look forward to and love their summers and school breaks. With three little ones at home I needed something safe that they could all enjoy so I started working on the perfect non-toxic playdough recipe. 

I truly believe The Mommy Camp at your home doesn’t have to be extra hard and you don’t have to feel like it’s a constant burden to entertain your kids or to battle to keep them off devices! 


Flamingo Dreams 1.JPG

Shop playdough sensory kits for a screen free activity that will keep your little one engaged and open their imagination.