5 Questions about The Mommy Camp During Covid-19

1. Can we combine this with other families and do it together at home?

That is totally and 100% up to you! I am based in New York and our restrictions may look a lot different than yours but also my personal preference may just be different for a whole variety of reasons. One of the great things about The Mommy Camp is it works for one child or 10 children. It also works for all ages because we have a theme week calendar for kids ages 2-5 and for kids ages 6-12 for the same theme but with different activities. If you do have other families join, I do suggest following all social distancing guidelines.

2. Do we have to buy new things each week?

No! While I do provide a link to my suggestion of books and supplies that go with each week you don’t have to purchase any of them. With some digging around at your house you should be able to make most of the week work with things you already have. I do suggest making sure your arts and crafts closet is fully stocked at the beginning of the summer and you can find my suggestions for those products here.

3. How does it work with a day set aside for field trips?

This depends on how open your community is and how safe you feel traveling outside your home. For each field trip day we provide a suggestion of a place to go outside your home (like the aquarium or a nature center) but we also give at least two options for virtual field trips that you can do from your home. In our house we will be doing all virtual field trips this summer but on those days we will also add a family walk or hike and maybe even a family drive where we can blast music related to the theme.

4. My child’s day camp is going to open for a few short weeks, can I jump in/out of The Mommy Camp?

Yes! You can put on your Camp Director hat and run The Mommy Camp at your house this summer for as few or as many weeks you want. Make sure you hit subscribe so you keep up with each of the theme weeks when it works for you and don’t miss any of the summer fun. You can also keep up with The Mommy Camp on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Is there any place for socialization with The Mommy Camp weekly schedules?

You are right, at summer camp your child normally gets the chance to run around and play with other kids. The focus of The Mommy Camp is to provide a memorable summer at home with your family. We will leave the amount of socialization you decide to provide or not provide this summer totally up to you.