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Deep Dive into the Sunday Night Checklist

The Sunday Night Checklist was created to be a simple and organized start to each week. Let's take a deep dive into each step so you are 100% ready for the week.

Use this Sunday Night Checklist along with the theme calendar for the upcoming week to ensure you are ready to run mommy camp. Don't forget to also use the Nightly Checklist to move through each week feeling prepared with less stress and making more memories.

Clean up and put away any items from last week's theme.

This is really key to making sure you don’t get overwhelmed with clutter halfway through the summer. Each Sunday night start by cleaning up and putting away any items that you pulled out for last week’s theme. This includes putting away books you pulled out back into your library, putting away any craft supplies that are hanging around and taking down any décor or crafts from last week’s theme you have had hanging up.

Set up Monday morning breakfast table to introduce the theme

Don’t go crazy on this one. The idea for this is to simply pull items you can put wherever your kids eat breakfast so they start the week with an introduction to the theme for the week. I usually start this by looking in my party supply stash to see if I have any colored table cloths that match the theme. I also place any small toys or figures that match the theme on this table.

Put any books related to the theme in your designated spot

Start with your home library and search for any books that could be related to the week’s theme. Find a spot where the books are easy to see and your kids can easily reach them and put them back. If you don’t have enough books in your home library you can easily go online to your local library and reserve some books to pick up Monday.

Check the weather and adjust the week's schedule if needed

The schedule for each week’s theme is only a guideline and if the weather is looking bad on a day where water play is planned or you are headed to an outdoor field trip it is easy to switch days.

Print out any printables needed for the week

You will notice on most days there is an option for printables. Many of these are meant to be quiet or independent activities. You don’t want to try to find them and print them out only to realize you are out of paper or ink in the middle of the week. Print them out on Sunday night and keep them in a folder near the books for the week so they are ready to use each day.

Get out any craft supplies for Monday’s craft and activity

Check out the calendar and see what supplies you need for Monday’s crafts and activities. Make sure you have everything you need on-hand and have it all ready to go. If you are following the calendar for a 2-5 year old this is also a good time to check out the craft and see if there are any items you can prep (like cutting out shapes).

Peek ahead at next week's theme to see if you need to order anything

Now that you are all set up and ready to go for Monday take a quick peek at next week’s theme. Head to the shop to see if there are any items you need to order to make the most of the theme.

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