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Hey Camp Director! 

I am so glad you are here! For the last 9 years I have run “The Mommy Camp” at my home with my three kids. I have developed a proven process that not only works but my kids look forward to and love their summers.

Running your own "The Mommy Camp" doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to feel like it’s a constant burden to entertain your kids or to battle to keep them off devices. By following my weekly process, routines and themes your kids will be happy campers and you won’t become a disgruntled camp director. "The Mommy Camp" is also ideal for working moms who need to keep their kids entertained while they get work done. 

We have tried countless crafts, activities and recipes and know which ones work and which ones are more work cleaning up than they are worth doing. I know which activities keep kids entertained and engaged and I know which ones to avoid. I know which craft supplies and products will survive lots of use. I know which ones will excite your three year old and which ones won’t bore your 12 year old. You don’t have to break the bank filling up your yard with activities and you don’t have to spend your nights scrolling through Pinterest only to find you don’t have all the supplies you need at home. 

Utilize one of our playdough kits with each theme week and your family is guaranteed to give The Mommy Camp a 5-star review! 

The Mommy Camp Proven Process

Step One

The first step is to ensure you have a basic set of craft and art supplies . Head to "The Shop" to get our favorites. 

Step Two

The second step is spending just 30-minutes Sunday night preparing for the week ahead. At a typical summer camp where memories are made the camp director can't show up every morning unprepared and neither can you. As the Camp Director of Mommy Camp you can be prepared to execute a full week of memory making by following my proven process. Click the below for your FREE printable of my simple "Sunday Night Checklist"

Step Three

Spending just 10-minutes each evening preparing for the next day will make sure you aren’t scrambling and the kids aren’t complaining about being bored. Click the below for your FREE printable of our easy to follow "Nightly Checklist" to easily execute each week's themes. Use this in conjunction with the calendar for each week's theme that includes curated crafts, activities,"field trips" and more. 


You may be surprised how engaged your kids will be each week and how they start to come up with outfits, snacks and even their own games and activities that go along with your theme. Don’t tell your kids but you will also be happy to see them engaging in some fun learning. All of this can happen at home while making memories and without you being overwhelmed! 


The Real Secret....Theme Weeks

The real secret to keeping your kids engaged in Mommy Camp at home is following our theme weeks! The good news is that themes don’t have to be overly intricate and you don’t have to fill up every minute of the day to have happy campers! One of the reasons any camp is great is because you get to try and learn new skills and talents. Each week's theme for The Mommy Camp is filled with a variety of crafts, activites, things to read, things to watch, "field trips" to take and more that all tie back into a theme. 

Don't stress! The goal of The Mommy Camp isn't to create a bunch of "Instagram worthy" crafts and DIY projects but to allow you to make memories at home with your kids.

Each week I have a theme for campers that are 3-11 years! Don't forget to download your free "Sunday Night Checklist" and "Nightly Checklist". These simple tools will ensure you are prepared to execute each theme!

The themes are already planned and you have all your supplies so you are ready to rock as Camp Director of The Mommy Camp! You can find all of the themes HERE! 

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may  earn commissions from qualifying purchases on made through links in this post.

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