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5 Craft Supplies You Can Use From Home

When it comes to getting ready for The Mommy Camp at home this summer one of the first steps is to stock up on arts and crafts supplies. The good news is that it doesn't mean that you have to order all new things! Here are five things you can find in your cabinets or even in your recycle bin to use for crafts and activities this summer:

  1. Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Start saving these now and put them into your arts and crafts closet instead of your recycle bin. These can be used for a variety of easy crafts for every theme this summer.

  2. Disposable cups, plates and bowls. These don't need to match and they don't need to be high quality. Throughout the year I add extras from birthday parties and gatherings into our arts and crafts supplies. These are not only great for a variety of crafts but they work great as holders for paint, making slime or separating beads.

  3. Shaving Cream. This is something I usually look to go on sale and grab a few cheap bottles for our arts and crafts supplies. Shaving cream is easy to color and makes a great filler for your sensory bin for your little ones or is great to make art with for big kids.

  4. Cardboard. During Covid-19 it seems like we are all getting a lot more packages which means a lot more cardboard. Instead of putting all that cardboard in your recycling bin you can save the ones that are more manageable to store. Cardboard is great to put out with markers and tape for your little and even big kids to let their imaginations run wild. Cardboard boxes are also great for fort building or even this incredible skeeball game?!?!

  5. Rice and/or dry pasta. When you see these on sale at the grocery or find a few outdated boxes in your pantry add them to your arts and crafts supplies. These are great for sensory play, painting, making instruments and making jewelry.

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